Boat House Styles

Full Upper Deck with Shed/Bar option

This innovative design offers a dual-purpose lower level featuring a secure shed for storage and a separate, customizable bar area for entertaining. Above, the expansive upper deck is perfect for enjoying views and relaxation. It’s an all-in-one solution for boat enthusiasts who love to entertain and unwind by the water. 

Standard Double with Hip Roof and Shed/Bar option

This elegant boat house features two accommodating slips, a classic hip roof for durability, and an integrated shed for storage. It’s crowned with an inviting bar area, perfect for lakeside entertainment and enjoying serene water views—a harmonious blend of utility and leisure.



Widow’s Walk Model with Spiral Staircase

This model boasts a distinctive rooftop deck, accessed by an elegant spiral staircase, offering expansive views and a touch of historical maritime design. Its protected boat slip and durable construction ensure your vessel’s safety, while the rooftop promises a unique vantage point for relaxation or socializing.



Widow’s Walk with Outside Staircase and Shed/Bar option

Featuring an external staircase leading to an upper viewing deck and a versatile shed/bar below, this design provides the perfect space for entertainment and storage alongside your boat slip. Relax upstairs with a panoramic lake view or enjoy a drink in the shaded bar area.



Half A-Roof with Standard Shed

The “Half A-Roof” model presents a sleek, dual-level design, complete with a protective boat slip and an accessible upper deck. This version includes a standard shed underneath, perfect for lakeside gatherings and storage needs. With its striking partial A-frame roof and sturdy staircase, it blends form with function for an exceptional boating and entertainment experience.